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Thoughts on India: Introduction

March 17, 2016

Thoughts on India: Introduction

Time Check: 1:36pm

That means it's about 9 and a half hours till my flight to Singapore, and about 17 hours till I'm home.

Thoughts? I'm stoked to be home.

Leaving Singapore behind for 3 weeks isn't easy, but it isn't that difficult either. After all, it's already my fourth (or is it fifth? - I've lost count) trip to India, a place I could even call my second home, just within a short span of one and a half years.

I don't think I ever made a post with regards to my thoughts on my trip(s) to India, and I thought there'd be no better time to do it than now. So read on, if you're interested.


India is amazing in many different ways, and every time I come to this country, I learn something new - there's always something different that I get to know about the culture, the places, the sights and the people. There have been really good experiences, and really bad experiences - I've felt touched, loved and grateful countless times, but I've also felt sick, disgust, anger, disappointment so many times.

It is a country that is difficult to put into words, and I've met many travellers that have felt the same, you have to experience it to understand it. I cannot say that I experienced bad less than the good, but in the end, I still come back to this country and feel content to be in this place.

To name a few 'negatives' of India - I'd say the cheating, the rude stares, the poor concept of time, the lack of cleanness and the inaccessibility to things. I won't deny it, in comparison to Singapore, it is of no surprise why people may see India as backward, dirty, dangerous and even disgusting.

But if I could put in some of my own words, India is India for all that it is. It is not perfect, but it gives you something very valuable - which is experience. True, there are 'cheats', but you have to be street smart so you don't give them a chance to con you. Even if they do 'cheat' you by overpricing items, it's probably still less than what you pay in Singapore (and you were willing to pay for it). There are people that stare, but it's usually out of curiosity, and often many people will come to your assistance if they realise you need it, or if you ask for it. Yes, everything takes time here, if they say 5 minutes, it means 10. If they say 2 days, it means 5 (or more). But it teaches you patience, and you realise how efficient everything is back home. It is a luxury you never realised you always had. With regards to cleanness, I think it's due to a lack of resources, education or governmental intervention to make India clean. In the end, it reminds me of how lucky I am to be in an efficient, safe and clean environment. 

Beyond the 'bad', India is beautiful. It has gorgeous landscapes, places and most importantly, people.The locals are warm, generous, loving. Having lived with a family, I realised how closely knitted their families are, how selfless they can be, how much they respect elders and nature etc. A lot of things they hold dearly, are values that are eroding in Singapore, and I find it a pity that a 'developed' country can be so lacking in comparison to 'developing' countries in terms of non-material goods. It is so easy to be happy here. They do not need luxury, or materialistic goods to be content.

In the end, I find India to be utterly beautiful, and looking through my pictures relights many precious memories made in this very country. It will always continue to be a country that holds a place in my heart. I hope you all have a small insight to India now, especially those that have asked me about it.

For now, I leave you with this small post and hopefully I'll have time to share some of my pictures of India in another post next time :)




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