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Why we insist on using these materials?

March 22, 2016

Why we insist on using these materials?

Tessellate.Co cares for quality, more over anything.

& that is the reason why we insist on using only materials that are able to retain colour over time, even after countless uses. That, in our opinion, makes a piece of jewellery collectable, and worth investing on.


Some information about the materials we use:

Sterling Silver (925)

  • Shines the brightest out of all Precious Metals
  • Can come into contact with water
  • Oxidises over time but is easy to maintain with regular cleaning and polishing.
  • A hard metal that will stand the test of time
  • Surface damage caused during normal wear can be easily repaired by jewellers.
  • Much more affordable than other precious metals such as gold. 
  • Does not leave green stains/ marks fingers when worn.



  • Provides an excellent, high class look/ finish
  • Is extremely affordable.
  • High resistance to corrosion (i.e. rust) and hence can come into contact with water
  • Brass loses shine over time and turns slightly darker but can be polished to restore most of its shine.  


We also have limited White Metal Pieces. This type of metal takes a much longer time compared to other types of metals in the market to change colour, and fades into a slightly yellowish colour that is not too visible / a drastic change from the original. We no longer use this metal in our products since 2016, but offered this option in 2015 as it was a cheaper alternative to our customers that preferred Silver colour but had budget constraints.

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Sizing Chart
If you're having trouble with knowing the right size for rings/ necklaces, use the size charts below to help you.

Our Rings all run in USA Sizing.
Do take note of measuring your knuckles too to ensure that the ring can pass through it! However, do note that using the centimetres sizing may not be as accurate, as you are required to make it slightly tight around your fingers in order to get the right sizing.
For the best way to know your size, we would recommend using the diameter size chart (second chart) or trying out rings at a store.