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The Azure Collection

May 20, 2016

The Azure Collection

This collection features moonstone rings in various designs that will be able to cater to different styles. Whether is it for a casual day out with friends or for a romantic date, these gorgeous rings are suitable for any occasions and add a finishing touch to a perfect outfit.
Lookbook shot by Jia An
Why moonstone?
Moonstone is often used as an amulet of protection for travelers, the path towards wisdom and a representation of love. It is often regarded as a woman's stone due to it's deep seated nature of feminine energy. In India, moonstone is considered as a sacred stone and often exchanged as a traditional wedding gift because of its embodiment of love. Moonstone helps individuals to feel more confident and attain balance in their daily lives. The stone also encourages communication, clear thinking and provides inspiration. 
 Shop the pieces here:
925 Silver - Moonstone Tiffany Ring ($59 SGD)
925 Silver - Moonstone Lynn Ring ($55 SGD)

925 Silver - Moonstone Dahlia Ring ($69 SGD)
925 Silver - Moonstone Mika Ring ($39 SGD)

925 Silver - Moonstone Luna Ring ($55 SGD)
Keep an eye out for the moonstone collection that will be launched today! Check out our online store or instagram page for more details.  

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