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Featured Stone: Pearl

June 05, 2016

Featured Stone: Pearl

Pearl is one of the most unique and oldest gemstone as it is the only gemstone derived from living sea creatures and it requires little polishing to achieve its natural shine. It is no wonder that it is one of the best-loved gems for numerous centuries. Pearl symbolises purity, innocence and clears the mind to allow clearer and cleaner thoughts.

Pearl is often seen as a simple yet elegant piece of jewellery that goes well with any outfits and making a stylish statement at the same time. The general advise is to wear only one pearl accessory at a time to retain an understated but sophisticated vibe.   

Not to mention, Pearl happens to be the Birthstone for June, so if you're celebrating your birthday this month, here's one more reason you got to own a piece of pearl jewellery!


Here're our picks:


1. 925 Silver - Dainty Pearl Ring ($38 SGD)

A simple elegant design for everyday wear. Easy to match and perfect as a stacking ring. 



2. 925 Silver - Dainty Pearl Pendant ($35 SGD) (With chain, $55 SGD)

Pearl necklaces should always complement and not overpower your overall look. 



3. 925 Silver - Floral Earrings (Large) Pearl ($45 SGD)

A simple and elegant design, perfect for everyday wear. 




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