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Fior Di Loto - Make a Difference

October 28, 2014

Fior Di Loto - Make a Difference


Tessellate has partnered with Fior Di Loto to donate part of our profits to the organisation. Fior Di Loto, is a non-profit organisation in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, that was founded in 2003 and has since helped to improve lives of hundreds of girls. Not only does Fior Di Loto provide free education to village girls that cannot afford it, they offer medical services, cultural activities and social helping activities at no charge. Fior Di Loto's outreach goes beyond young girls, as they also provide monthly support to senior citizens people and widows and runs a Monthly Food Programs that aid 31 families. Read more about their achievements here.


Here's an introduction to the school and the girls:

Every school day, 2 buses and one car set off to pick up the 298 girls from different villages around Pushkar. A day of school then begins from 8.15a.m. and ends at 1.15pm. At 10.45am, the girls get a break. Food is provided for the students and there is a slide that the girls can play on should they wish to.

Daily Attendence Record on the 27th November 2014 
Break Time
Queuing for water
On the slide
Running back to class

As for classes, subjects taught include Hindi, English, Science, Social Studies, General knowledge and Art and each lesson lasts for half an hour. There is also a nursery group and kindergarden class.

Students are well disciplined and quickly rise to greet the principal and any present guests, before sitting down at the command of the principal. 'What's your name?' is the most popular way of striking up a conversation with visitors, often followed by a shy handshake. The amount of effort students put into their work and their eagerness to learn is exhibited by them showing visitors their own exercise books filled with words and coloured drawings. It is clear that the girls enjoy school, and more importantly, education will give them a stronger opportunity to find a better job in the workforce.



Unfortunately, due to funding reasons, there is still a number of girls waiting for a sponsor before they can join the school. Team Tessellate believes that we can make a difference by donating part of our profits to the Fior Di Loto foundation, so they can help improve the lives of more village girls. IMG_3034

So let's put our hands together and make a difference :')IMG_3037

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