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Our very first flea - At The Local People x SAM Day Market

February 01, 2015

Our very first flea - At The Local People x SAM Day Market

Hi lovelies!
Yes - Tessellate.Co had our first ever flea market at the Singapore Art's Museum, and it was a really lovely experience. It was really nice to meet some of our followers (thanks for making your way down!), and of course I'm glad T.C reached out to a lot more people! Thank you all so, so much. It would all not have been possible if not for you!
Here're a few shots more shot we found on the organiser (The Local People)'s Facebook page and I love them all! 
It was actually so busy I didn't really have time to take proper pictures at all (or maybe I was just lazy, ha). Sorry to those that I never really got to talk to - it was difficult trying to handle so many customers at once! But feel free to drop me an email to say hi :-) I can be reached at
Towards the end of the day I was just feeling really tired (and sunburnt because our stall was the only one that was not in the shade) but I'm still feeling thankful for all the help I got! Special thanks to my stall helpers, and friends that came to say hi and even brought food and drinks over :-)
It was a really nice experience over all with The Local People and of course - the Singapore Arts Museum's a beautiful place x
Last but not least - I decided that I'll try to write more on this blog - share some of my feelings, thoughts, experiences and plans for Tessellate.Co. How does that sound? 

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