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Happy Valentine's, Stranger.

March 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's, Stranger.

Last month this day, was Valentine's Day. If you remember (or not), there was a Secret Valentines Campaign whereby you'd pay a flat fee to gift something to a stranger who also participated in this campaign, leaving a message to them and in turn, receive a message along with a gift from Tessellate.Co :-) The idea was to extend love to people, even strangers. I truly believe that's how we can better this world - by spreading love to everyone.


It was really fun to see names coming in, and I'm glad to have made this happen with the support of you girls. I hope it was fun receiving a surprise gift and message, from someone lovely.

Today, I just want to share a message from one of the participants to all of you that's reading this. She has kindly given me the green light to go ahead.. & I hope this post will be a timely reminder of your own worth - yes, that applies to each and every one of you, x.

Happy Valentine's Day! Love shows itself in many forms and sometimes while in the pursuit of a certain 'type' of love, we sometimes forget that it is present all around us - in our friends, in our family, in ourselves and in the Universe. 
When it gets hard or it seems like nothing is working out, please remember that no matter what is happening to you or where you currently are, you are exactly where you need to be. It's a small yet important part of the Universe's larger plan for you. 
Embrace the uncertainty, jump in and trust that the Universe will take care of you. 
I hope that every day you get one step closer to finding what you need.
Take your time, open your eyes, and you will find love either shining bright, or hiding somewhere in a corner bringing joy to life. Love, May.

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