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August 22, 2019 2 min read

We're beyond excited to be launching our latest 925 Silver Luxe collection this Friday, both online and in-store at #02-14 Wheelock Place.

Besides being inspired by and made for women on the go, this collection also showcases the personality of each individual and allows flexibility for you to switch easily from a day look to a night look - anytime, anywhere.

The three highlights of our collection include Wilma loop earrings with interchangeable Winnie charms that allow switching between different looks; the limited edition Whitley and Winsley Earrings that offer a Mix-and-match concept for you to create customised earrings based on your preferred gemstones; and finally one of our classic designs: Stackable Rings that can be matched within and across our collections to create unique looks.

You may notice that the collection features a lot of fancy-shaped gemstones which make the pieces one of a kind. We truly mean it when we say Style It Your Way.


Our Top Pick: 

Top Left: Wilma Earrings - Rose Gold Plated, Bottom Ring: Winnie Earrings (Peach Moonstone) - Rose Gold Plated.

Gemstones used in this collection are irregularly shaped, making each piece unique and special. The faceted cuts on the jewellery really bring out the lustre of the gemstones when light is reflected off its surface. 

The collection comes in Sterling Silver & Rose Gold options, although yellow gold plating is available upon request in store.

Here's an idea of how you can change the look of your jewellery simply by switching out the charms. You may also choose to wear Wilma as a standalone loop earring. Furthermore, these charms can be modified to be worn as a pendant.


Top: Winnie Moonstone Earrings, Bottom: Wisteria Topaz Earrings.
(Option to purchase Charms only, without Wilma Hoop earrings, is available.)


The following style matches different shades of fancy shaped gemstones to create a unique gradient look for each piece. Limited pieces available for sale only.

Top: Whitley Peach Moonstone earrings, Bottom: Winsley Green Onyx earrings
Limited Edition Pieces* 


The following stackable ring comes in a new design that allows bands to be stacked closer to each other, creating a neater look.

Top: Wynn Moonstone Ring, Bottom: Wynn Dark Peach Moonstone Ring & Wynn Light Peach Moonstone Ring.


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