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Updates on Donations towards Fior Di Loto

July 23, 2015

Updates on Donations towards Fior Di Loto

Hello all,

You may or may not know, Tessellate.Co has partnered with Fior Di Loto to donate part of our profits to the non-profit organisation in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, that is committed to improving the lives of over 300 girls living in the villages surrounding Pushkar.

Previously, we pledged to donate 3 USD to the foundation for every item sold from the Hope Collection, as well as 8% of profits from the sales of our Sterling Silver products. 

However, as of 1 July 2015, we have decided to donate $1 for every item sold, so as not to limit the amount collected to only a few collections. We believe this will increase the amount we can offer to Fior Di Loto, and make accounting easier. Results will be monitored and if it does not reach our expectations, we will revert to our previous terms of donation. 

As of July 2015, we have raised money enough to send a girl to school. This would not have been possible without your support, so here's a big thank you from me!




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