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Updates: Your Contribution to Fior Di Loto

October 14, 2015

Updates: Your Contribution to Fior Di Loto

We've partnered with Fior Di Loto since our start, and this September, we've made our first full donation to the organisation, sponsoring two lovely girls to school for one whole year. 

Here're some pictures from when I last visited the girls!



Girls learning Spanish from a Volunteer :-)

Lunch time!

Queuing for food. How adorable are they!

Best friends taking their meals together


Here, we're back in class preparing for the next lesson to start. Spot Durga on the front left - she's one of the girls we've sponsored! Heard that she's the top of the class too! So, so proud of her! 

These lovely ones kept surrounding me and holding my hands, asking for my name and for pictures. It was really a bit overwhelming but such a lovely experience.


If you've read our previous post on them, you'll realise that not much has changed -it's still the same school, the same sweet girls, the same helpful principal, the same loving teachers - but this time, bigger. Bigger in numbers; bigger in heart; bigger in mind; bigger in soul.

It was really nice to be surrounded by all these warm hearted girls, that were so excited to see a face new to them. I could barely recognise the girls I met last year, because they grow up so quickly! I hope that I will be able to see them more often though. Their smiles really warm my heart. Just look at that.


I find it really really fortunate that I was born in Singapore, to be offered education from young, and have all the luxuries in life I never realised I had. These girls are different. They are so eager learn, but don't have the luxury to due to their family backgrounds. I am thankful that Fior Di Loto Organisation is helping to make a difference to these unprivileged girls & the least I can do is to support and sponsor as many girls as I can. This, of course, wouldn't be possible with the help of you all! After all, a dollar goes towards the organisation from every purchase made by you!. 


Hand in hand, we will be able to make a difference, one girl at a time! On behalf of the girls, here's a big thank you from Tessellate.Co, and of course, from me.

Till the next time,


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