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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

November 04, 2015

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

As the year is almost coming to an end, here comes one of the biggest celebrations - Christmas!

I know it's kinda a bit early to be thinking of that, but I'm getting a bit too excited, plus considering the fact that items take a while to be delivered, its always good to plan ahead!

Here goes my top 10 gift exchange ideas for girls, and girlfriends!

1. Double Stone Ethnic Bangle - Labradorite

A highly popular piece, this bangle adds style to any outfit, and is fully adjustable to fit all wrists! This design comes in 3 other stones, namely TurquoiseMoonstone and Goldstone. Take your pick!


2. Double Leaf Ring

Yet another adjustable piece, this leaf ring is a dainty piece which wraps around . It has proven to be one of the favourite amongst all ladies, and perfect for everyday wear. 


3. Crystal Quartz Necklace

A clear crystal quartz is great for balancing energy. A basic piece of jewellery which is easy to match, and perfect for the crystal lover!


4. Tree of Life Bangle

The Tree of Life represents the interconnectedness of all life on our beautiful planet and connects all forms of creations. It is the perfect choice for someone who believes in creation. Fully adjustable, there's no worry on it not fitting too!


5. Sterling Silver Venice Ring 

A classy piece for your loved one, especially for your family or girlfriend! Made of Sterling Silver, this will stand the test of time.


6. Valencia Flame Earring

Valencia Flame Earrings is a intricate piece of art that is well received by most ladies. It adds glam to any outfit, and is the best choice for bohemian babes! 


7. Boheme Flame Earrings

This is another popular pair of earrings that would be the perfect choice for ladies that want to stand out from the crowd. 


8. Alexis Moonstone Ring

This is a dainty piece perfect for girls that love subtle details. The moonstone is easily a girl's go to choice of stone, and will definitely be well received by any lady!


9. Charlotte Wave Ring

Inspired by waves, this ring is perfect for nature lovers. The beautiful moonstone adds an extra touch of elegance to the ring, but the thick band gives the ring character. Perfect for the independent girl.


10. Teresa Moonstone Ring

Last but (definitely) not least, this Teresa Moonstone Ring has glorious shine and is bound to put a smile on any receiver's face! It has proven to be one of the favourites of the collection. Made of Sterling Silver, it will stand the test of time and no doubt will be something cherished and treasured for the longest time. 


With that, here're my top ten picks for this Xmas - promise it won't go wrong! Wishing you guys a lovely Xmas ahead xxx





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