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Lookbook: Ethnic Necklaces Collection

August 16, 2016

Lookbook: Ethnic Necklaces Collection

The previous Ethnic Collection was a huge hit among you lovelies (we've received so many compliments, so A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL!), we created ethnic necklaces just for you lovelies!

If you missed your chance to get your hands on one of the ethnic inspired Silver Pendants in our previous collection, here's your chance, with a greater variety of stones and designs.

Here at Tessellate.Co, we continue to believe in hand-making each and every piece of our jewellery. It is a highly effective method to maintain the quality of our jewellery pieces so that you amazing people will continue to be satisfied with your buys. 

Our regulars (and also not forgetting all our new lovely customers) will have known that we sourced and handpicked all our stones from India. Each piece is either in brass or sterling silver so that your jewellery will remain and look as good as new even with minimal care (basic polishing is required though).

Here're how the necklaces launching tomorrow look like..

 Brass - Alicia Necklaces 

Brass - Adora Necklaces

Brass - Arya Necklaces 



You can never have too many necklaces - for a casual day out, romantic date or just something that makes you feel happy and brighten up your day. 

Keep an eye out for this collection that will be launched tomorrow! Check out our online store or instagram page for more details. 

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