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December 14, 2020 2 min read

With Christmas just around the corner, we've put together a Xmas gift guide specially for you, and help put a smile on the faces of your loved ones.

Here are some features from collections under $50 / $150 / $300 / $300 onwards

The Minimalist

Pieces here can be worn alone or stacked to create different looks - these are basically must haves!

From top to bottom,
Erica Ring - $39 
Yiru Ring (Zirconia) - $69
Yana Ring (Zirconia) - $89

All Available in Silver / Rose Gold


Esther Ring (Zirconia) - $49 / (Sapphires) - $89


Wilma Loops - $89 (Blue Sapphire)


BONUS: Use code STACKER10 to receive 10% off 2 pieces / STACKER15 for 15% off 3 or more pieces

All our pieces comes with exchange policy, so you can shop with a peace of mind - if it doesn't fit, the receiver can simply drop by Wheelock Place to do an exchange! :)


Gemstone Lovers 

From left to right,

Fiona Bracelet - $69(Available in 4 Gemstones)
Fleur Bracelet - $55 (Available in 4 Gemstones)
Freya bracelet - $120 (Available in 4 Gemstones)

Felicia Necklace - $120 (Available in 6 Stones)



Matching Sets

Have someone who love matching their jewellery? These would be the perfect gifts! 

P.s. All our pieces can be matched to form sets - if you need help, simply drop us an email or drop by the store for our friendly staff to assist!

Liona Ring & Necklace - Green Amethyst / Rose Quartz


Venus Earrings & Necklace - Rose Quartz / Labradorite


For Couples

Send a message or mark a memory via engravings on a ring unique to you both!

Matt Bands - $49 Plain / $69 Engraved



Fancy Diamonds - Bracelet / Ring in 14k Yellow Gold, $390 onwards

Amber Studs - $150 onwards / Necklace $350 onwards

Diamond Necklace - Multi (Available in 0.3 Carats - $490 / 0.5 Carats - $650 / 1 Carats - $1490)


Shop By Horoscope

If you still can't decide, perhaps consider shopping by horoscope to add meaning to the gift!


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