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Precious vs. Semi-precious gemstones

July 07, 2016

Precious vs. Semi-precious gemstones

Precious gemstones? Semi-precious? Aren't they all just...stones??? Yes they are but in actual fact, they are quite different and unique from each other. 

So what is a gemstone?

Gemstones are mostly minerals and are obtained naturally from crystals. Gemstones tend to be resistant to scratches and clarity is what defines a gemstone. The common gemstones include diamond, ruby and emerald. 

What about coloured gemstones? Are they natural?

Coloured gemstones are formed as a result of white light being absorbed within the minerals structure or the presence of metal impurities. 



925 Silver - Anais Ring (Ruby) ($65 SGD)


So semi-precious gemstones are not natural? 

Semi-precious gemstones are also obtained from minerals where they are cut and refined and subsequently made into the jewellery pieces that you're wearing/adore. Some common semi-precious gemstones include opal, garnet, rose quartz and moonstone. (And the list of gorgeous semi-precious gemstones continues...)



925 Silver - Dainty Azure Ring (Opal) ($55 SGD)

Opal can occur in numerous colours - yellow, blue and green are the most common while red, orange and violet are the rarest. Currently, Australia is the world's largest opal supplier, supplying 97% of the global opal supply with the majority of deposits found in New South Wales. 

It is also THE stone to mark a couple's 14th anniversary. (*Ahem* All the husbands/boyfriends out there take note...) It is no wonder that opal is also known as the stone for love as it helps to calm emotions and bring about peace and stability to any relationship. 

Opals have a high water content thus, making them highly prone to scratches and sensitive to changing temperatures. So for all those opal lovers out there, make sure to take good care of your opal pieces! 



925 Silver - Dainty Axis Ring (Garnet) ($55 SGD)

Garnet is relatively easy to cut and highly durable, making is a popular choice for jewellery-making. The deep red colour is the result of iron deposits present in the stone and there is a wide variety of garnet types available - with pyrope garnet being the most widely known. 

Garnet is a symbolism of faith, truth and compassion and was often worn as a protective gemstone by the ancient Greeks and Romans to ward off evil. 



925 Silver - Erika Ring (Lapis Lazuli) ($55 SGD)

Lapis Lazuli, or lapis as it is often referred to, has been used as a gemstone for thousands of years and even in prehistoric times, it has already been a popular choice for jewellery.

Though it is mostly blue, the colours vary from stone to stone - from greenish blue to dark blue, due to the presence of sulfur colouring agents. 

Lapis symbolizes friendship and truth and often used to promote harmony in relationships. It is no wonder that this stone was highly prized by many ancient civilizations, from the Egyptians to the Romans. 


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