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Keeping Your Brass Sparkly

January 14, 2017

Keeping Your Brass Sparkly

Hi guys!

For those of you that have bought our brass jewellery, you should know that our pieces can stand the test of time with proper care (with this post sharing tips on how to Polish your jewellery).

However, we noticed that brass is not as easy to polish as compared to 925 Silver (especially using only a polishing cloth), so we looked up other ways to help keep your jewellery looking fresh!

Turns out, Lemon Juice and Ketchup (yes, we tried this too!) both work well in removing tarnish. In this post, we'll see how lemon juice fares in cleaning our Brass jewellery.

Here are 2 pieces of jewellery with the same design; Ring 1 being a sample piece that has gone through various conditions over the year without any polishing, and Ring 2 being a fresh, new piece.

*Do note that Ring 1 is much darker than the usual state of our usual used jewellery. If you keep our jewellery on frequently and also wash your hands/ shower with it, the contact with water and soap will actually keep it in a brighter state than shown.

Clearly, there is a huge difference in colour and shine - Ring 1 being dark and dull, and Ring 2 being a bright gold piece. In this video, we show you the process of cleaning Ring 1. Here're the results!


In less than 30 seconds, the ring is immediately brighter and almost matches the colour of Ring 2!

After cleaning with lemon juice, wash with water and dry the jewellery to remove any Lemon Juice residue. However, using lemon juice only gets the ring to a matt Gold state.

To get the best results, polish with our Silver Cloth to get the jewellery.


The Answer...

Ring 1 is on the right and Ring 2 is on the left! :) They look almost identical don't they? This is just after mild polishing - so if you guys would like to make your jewellery shinier, just polish it more!


We also tried the above method our own bangle (that is worn everyday without removing). As you can see, the item is not as dark as Ring 1, but does have some parts that are dull.

 After wiping with lemon juice, the tarnish was removed, but again the bangle was a matt gold colour.

As such, we used our Polishing Cloth to shine it and viola! Jewellery good as new!

We've also continued wearing it to daily activities and have noticed that the shine is still being retained.

Hope this post has provided you with an alternative way to keep our brass jewellery bright and shiny! Feel free to let us know if you have any enquiries!


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