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August 11, 2016 1 min read

We're bringing moonstone back~ This stone has such versatility and is so well-loved that we had to share more with you girls! This second moonstone collection features a set of intricate designs that perfectly put any outfit together with a touch of ethereal vibe!
Lookbook shot by Jia An
Ever wondered why this beautiful gem is called "Moonstone"?
The Moonstone's name is actually derived from the sheen that it exhibits, due to the way light travels within the stone's layer of minerals. This optical effect causes it to shine a bluish white, resembling the moon. Moonstone occurs in different shades including peach, white, and grey. We chose Rainbow Moonstone as it clears the mind and senses, thus calming you in your slumber.
Shop the pieces here:
925 Silver - Moonstone Ora Ring ($65 SGD)
925 Silver - Moonstone Orelle Ring ($55 SGD)
925 Silver - Moonstone Ode Ring ($49 SGD)
925 Silver - Moonstone Olivia Ring ($55 SGD)
Be sure to keep an eye out for this second moonstone collection launching tomorrow! Check out ouronline store or instagram page for more details.  

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