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Lookbook: Azure Collection #3

November 03, 2016

Lookbook: Azure Collection #3

To thank everyone for the love and support given to The Azure Collection #2, we
are launching a third collection of these stunning moonstone pieces. 
In this range, we bring you more simplistic designs that look absolutely perfect stacked or worn on it's own!
Lookbook shot by Jia An (@jiaan.lee)
Did you know that Moonstone rings were commonly used as engagement rings in the Victorian times?
The Moonstone has been regarded as "lover's stone" for its ability to strengthen emotions and protect joys of love, thus stirring romance and quelling lovers' disputes. Being connected with femininity, moonstones are also believed to ease feminine health issues such as menstrual cramps, and protect the health of pregnant women!
But of course, its protective and healing properties are not restricted to women as it is also believed to reduce stress and anxiety, cure digestive problems, and even get rid of a headache. Now wouldn't that be handy for a day full of errands!
Shop the pieces here: 
925 Silver - Moonstone Lara Ring ($42 SGD)
925 Silver - Moonstone Lena Ring ($55 SGD)
925 Silver - Moonstone Lola Ring ($39 SGD)
Do keep an eye out for this second moonstone collection launching tomorrow! Check out our online store or instagram page for more details x.  

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