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December 13, 2019 3 min read

It's the season of giving 

We've put together a jewellery gift guide specially those who are still wondering what to get as Christmas gifts.


1) Wilma Earrings - Pink Sapphire (Silver)
Wilma Earrings - Blue Sapphire (Silver)
Options for Rose Gold are also available.

Wilma Earrings are the perfect pair for daily wear - the pink & blue sapphire would  add colour to any outfit!
P.s. Sapphires brings one wisdom and serenity, calms and even helps with self expression. Pssst.. Great for September babies too!


2) Angie Moonstone Bracelet (Silver)

Our second pick would be the Angie Marquise Moonstone Bracelet. The stunning blue shine will definitely capture attention and Moonstones also help with calming and communication.


3) Single Ball Bracelet - Silver
Double Ball Bracelet - Silver
Options for Rose gold are also available in store or order via IG dm.

Single and Double Ball Bracelets are our all time best sellers! If you are looking for something simple and not too fancy, this would fit your choice.
P.s. Stocks are limited for these as it was our hot seller at the recent Boutiques Fair. 


4) Layla - Pink Opal (Silver)
Layla - Amazonite (Silver)

Layla bracelets has been popular since the launch due to its variety of colour and simple design. These make the perfect gift to brighten up one's day. Available in 4 colours.


5) Winnie Earrings - Green Onyx (Silver)
Winnie Earrings - Peach Moonstone (Rose Gold)
Winnie Earrings - Moonstone (Silver)
Wisteria Earrings - Topaz (Silver)

For those looking for something more intricate and versatile, this series of earrings allows switching between day and night looks by adding / removing the charms from the loop earrings. We love the idea of getting more charms in the future to change around for more looks!


6) Yasmine Necklace - Topaz
A new addition to our Yasmine Series: Topaz. This is available for purchase as a Pendant ($89) or with a chain ($109). Yasmine Series stones are bigger in size and is suitable for friends who prefers to wear jewelry that are Bold. Matching earrings are also available at $120 too. Score them at 12% less with purchase of any 2 pieces.



7) Yura Tourmaline Rings

Our next pick would definitely be Yura Tourmaline Rings available in Pink, Green and Watermelon colors! They are suitable for daily wear and can match any occasions! These are also adjustable so fret not about getting the wrong sizes! ;)


8) Ailee Necklaces - In Moonstone or Labradorite

We've received lots of request to have this piece available in a choker length since the launch of the first version, so we did it just in time for Christmas - No surprise if this appears on the wish list of many! 

This necklace is available in Labradorite and Moonstones. Both stones has beautiful blue or green shine. This necklace goes well with dresses, off shoulders and v neck tops! Plus points: It also double up as a double round Bracelet!! 


9) Angie Earring (Moonstone) 

Angie Earring is the next top pick as it can match well with any outfit! The wearer can also adjust the length of the earring according to how long she wants the earring to be. Totally classy and fun!  


10) Venus Series
Our last pick would be our Venus Series! There are matching Pendants ($89) and earrings ($120) available! These are very classic designs that would not go out of style! Rose quarts would be recommended as it represents love and is perfect for this season of giving.


We hope this has helped you with your Christmas Shopping. Merry Christmas Everyone! 

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