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February 05, 2017 2 min read

For all of you that are fussing over what to get for your Valentine this year, look no further! Impress her with bouquet of her favourite flowers, a nice dinner and a handwritten letter. Complete the surprise by gifting a jewellery piece at the end of the day. Be it a promise ring, or a dainty necklace -every sight of it will be a reminder of your love.  

& to all single ladies, here's another occasion to pamper yourself!

If you're unsure of the Ring Size - here's a Tip

  • Tiny: US 4 - US 4.5
  • Small: US 5 - US 5.5
  • Medium: US 6 - US 7
  • Large Size: US 8 - US 9.5 

In the case that the ring does not fit, you may exchange for sizes Free-Of-Charge via post or at any of our events! Just drop us an email to let us know! :)


Here're our Top 10 Picks for gifting!

  1. Crystal Aurora Ring (Crystal) - $55
    For someone who appreciates sparkles - nothing else needs to be said.
  2. Unique: Dainty Aria Ring (Tourmaline) - $65
    This eye catching piece has proven to be a hot favourite amongst many ladies, adding a pop of colour to any outfit. 

  3. Lola Ring- $39
    If she prefers something simple, then the Lola Ring is a great choice for it's stunning stone!

  4. Luna Moonstone Ring- $55
    If the above rings are too tiny in size or dainty, here's another classic piece which is one of our bestselling designs. A perfect choice for anyone, really.

  5. Catch Opal Ring- $89
    If you're all out this Valentine's Day, consider getting an Opal Ring which is one of the most stunning pieces with this glorious shine at different angles!

  6. Dahlia Moonstone Ring - $69
    For girls that have an edgier style, this Ring is the one to rock any look! 
  7. Faux Turquoise Earrings - $45
    If you're not a fan of rings, consider getting an earring. These bright Faux Turquoise earrings are great statement pieces.
  8. Alicia Necklace (Brass) - $29
    This Dainty Necklaces comes in various colours, and you can choose one according to her Horoscope here (scroll to bottom of page)!
  9. Desiree Ring - Rose Quartz (Brass)- $28
    Confess your love with this piece, especially since Rose Quartz is a crystal for unconditional love. 
  10. Howlite Classic Necklace (Brass) - $45
    This Howlite Necklace is a go to piece for everyday wear, and it has 3 unique shapes for you to choose from! Our favourite shape would be Semi-circle.


Here are the top 10 picks for this Valentines Day. Hope you will have a fun and loving day!



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