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What's your Style: The Howlite Collection

September 17, 2016

What's your Style: The Howlite Collection

Want to back our KICKSTARTER PROJECT, but can't decide between the pieces? We've put together a list to help you find the perfect Howlite piece for yourself, according to your individual style.


Be it Minimalist, Modern Chic or Bohemian Style, there is bound to be something made just for you! 

Find a style closest to yours in the catalogs, and see what we recommend for your particular Style!


For the Everyday Look, we recommend the Dainty Everyday Wear Necklace which is easy to match - this piece works pretty well for any style!

Our Recommendations: The Oval one to add elegance to an outfit, and the Teardrop one to stand out and be different.


If you are a minimalist and like to keep things simple, this Classic Wear Necklace would be the absolute choice to set you apart from the rest.

Our Recommendation: Opt for the Semicircle or Triangle pieces to be different.

For those that lean towards a more Chic look, we think that the Large Swing necklace will complete the style without being over the top. Make a statement with the Long Triangle as well as Rectangle Piece (Both are Limited Edition pieces).


As for all Bohemian babes, we think that the Large Drop Necklace is the choice to make a statement! The design makes it easy to match various styles of clothes, this could also be a good choice for office ladies looking for a bold piece to stand out!

Our Recommendations: Oval for an Elegant look, or the Teardrop to be different.


For those that aren’t a fan of Necklaces, Rings are the best means of spicing up an outfit and achieving the look you are going for. It is no surprise why rings have always been a best selling range, as can make so much impact and  

We think that the Oval and Round pieces are really classic shapes, but the Triangle and Teardrop ones are more edgy and unique. 

So, what’s your Style?
We hope that you find the perfect Howlite piece to accompany you on your everyday journey.




*Catalog Images courtesy of Pinterest, put together by Tessellate.Co.

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